Monday, January 7, 2008

First Post

It's time again for the winter escape to New Zealand. This year I am bringing my bicycle and trailer back for another tour. I did the last long tour in 2002, riding the length of the South Island from Picton to Bluff. This year it will be a tour of the North Island. I haven't quite decided what kind of route to take. Either south to north, starting in Wellington, or in two parts, starting from Auckland and going south, then back to Auckland by train or plane and then going to the Northland from Auckland. We'll see. I leave Boston on January 14th, just over a week from now.

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Anonymous said...

xHi Steve. Good to hear you got off finally. Hope you have a safe flight. Have a great time and I will check your blog from time to time. Send us some photos when you get a chance. Best of luck, Harry.