Thursday, January 17, 2008

Traveling Through LAX

Finally, I'm off, but it is through LAX rather than San Francisco. This morning's 8 am flight was delayed to 9:27. It seems the co-pilot got into Logan late last night and we had to wait until he had the mandated eight hours of hotel time. So I was at the airport about four hours early.

After waiting in the TSA line (behind a woman with fragrance to gag by!) for about half an hour, I got to the gate, only to see that it had changed. It seems that the 8 am San Francisco flight had a problem with the plane, so they shifted to the aircraft that had been assigned to go to LAX. This didn't look good--but they fixed in time for the re-scheduled departure.

Five hours later we were in LA. Well, at LAX anyway. Time for another nine hours of waiting--to have the days of business class travel and airport lounges back again... LAX is probably one of the least comfortable places to wait around, particularly when one is tired. The gate areas are big open hard surfaced spaces that are incredibly noisy with lots of loud announcements. I've found a spot on the upper level of Terminal 2, where the business lounges are. I relatively comfortable seat with an electric outlet nearby to charge up the laptop. Only 3.5 hours to boarding.

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