Thursday, January 24, 2008

On Waiheke. Much to do. Too much.

It has been too long since the last post. I arrived on Waiheke on Friday and it has been nearly non-stop since then.

The haiku-like title is a subtle reference to the premise of Michael Pollan's new book: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. ", which has been the subject of a pair of articles in the online New York Times, "Seven-Word Wisdom: The Contest" and "Hold Contest. Read 1,000 Entries. Name Winners!". Ellen sent me the link. They are worth a read and a chuckle.

Waiheke had been without rain since November, until I arrived, that is. We have had three days of on and off showers since then. Aside from the rain, the weather has been warm--too warm and humid on the rainy days, and I'm sure you folks in New England wouldn't want to trade.

The island hasn't changed much in a year, except for a few new shops, including a french bread bakery and a seafood and fresh fish market. I haven't been into Oneroa yet, however. All of our friends have invited me to various and sundry meals and visits, taking up time. Tom Hepburn, my host has been working on installing a new set of stairs to his deck and as the good guest, I have offered my services and advice. He has been kind to take some of it.

I have managed one trip into Auckland, on Monday, in the rain. Since it was wet, I walked rather than take the bicycle. Somehow the hills seem smaller than I remember. I needed a pair of cycling gloves and a few other bits and pieces, like gas for the stove and a set of AA road maps.

Here is the 6km route I took, more or less (Google Maps will not let you go the wrong way down a one-way street)

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Much of the week has been spent visiting our friends with a lunch or dinner almost every day. I've tried to get out on the bike as well. By the time the day ends, I am a bit worn and have not been able to get it together to update the journal.
Yesterday I visited with my friends, Pieter and Bonnie de Jonge. Pieter has just finished restoring a 1960 Triumph 350 Speed Twin.
Bikes & Cars
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In addition to visiting Pieter & Bonnie, I also stopped by to see my ex-neighbor Russell, who has a motoring project of his own, getting a 1960's Morris Minor to work. He bought this beast for $350NZ, but it needed at least a new head gasket.
From Bikes & Cars

I was hoping to get off today, but it's not going to happen. Since the weekend is approaching, I think I'll wait until Monday and catch the Waiheke event of the weekend, the Show n' Shine, where a large number of cars (mostly old American brands) come over to the island for a meeting. I attended last year and it was quite interesting.
Here's a slideshow of last year's event.

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